Background to Starting my Professional Journey

I first became interested in counselling and psychotherapy to help improve my own health issues relating to breathing problems and asthma.

My experience and practice of counselling and psychotherapy is based on the belief that when we experience  difficult times and we are supported by the right person we can be challenged, changed and strengthened. Human beings need other human beings to help them process pain and heal emotional wounds. I bring many perspectives, skills and resources from my professional world to support you in understanding yourself, your relationships and your best way forward.   Having personally experienced  counselling and psychotherapy I am aware therapy can also reduce stress hormone levels resulting in improved health and vitality. Working in therapy can help you expand listening skills, become better able to articulate thoughts and feelings, improve concentration, memory, self worth and self esteem.

My Professional Approach

I receive regular supervision, and committed to my Continuous Professional and Personal  Development.

I have also attended the following CPD workshops and conferences:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Body Psychotherapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Working with Addictions
  • Working with Dreams
  • Working with Trauma
  • Neuroscience Conference
  • Advanced Clinical Training working with Shame & Resilience
  • Advanced Clinical Training working with  Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Working with Anger
  • Bullying or Abuse in the workplace
  • Romancing the Shadow
  • Working with Existential Issues

In my experience when working with people the aim is to help them  develop their resilience to help them find their energy, that helps them find solutions and outcomes with their problems.  Some people experience life as a constant struggle and at times they feel despair and hopelessness. How can therapy help with despair and hopelessness? Working with resilience in a therapeutic relationship is an example of how therapy can help people learn new skills to help them move forward positively as well as helping them come to terms with their personal life experiences.  

Counselling and Psychotherapy Can Help You to;

- Develop a broader range of thinking coping  skills to problem solve

- Develop a broader range of  emotional coping skills to help you achieve your therapeutic goals

- Shift away from being overwhelmed with the following, thus improving your energy levels and / or productivity;

  • Compulsive thoughts -  being stuck with repetitive thinking
  • Excessive intense feelings - being stuck with feeling high and / or low or physical or emotional numbness
  • Difficulty with problematic behaviour