How do I contact you?

Leave a voicemail or send me a text on 07957 954280. You can also e-mail me at Your message will be completely confidential.

What Happens at the first appointment and how do I know counselling/psychotherapy will be for me?

The initial introductory session provides an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about the counselling and psychotherapy process and to establish whether you will feel comfortable working with me. This  might give you insight to help you decide whether or not counselling and psychotherapy is the appropriate route for you.

This is an opportunity for you to outline the reasons that you are seeking help at this time. You will also be able to decide whether counselling or psychotherapy is right for you, and to discuss this with me. Once we have agreed a way forward, future sessions will then be booked at times and dates to suit you.

How Long is each Session?

Individual sessions are fifty to sixty minutes long.  Couples work is usually up to ninety minutes long.

How Often Do I Attend?

In the beginning, weekly for six weeks. Depending on the nature of work sometimes fortnightly sessions work.  After this period its how we work this between us really that will make the difference to help you achieve realistic goal(s).

How many sessions will be required?

This will be different for each person and needs to be discussed.  Depending on the needs of individual clients, the nature of the therapeutic work and any physical related symptoms, work may be short, medium or long term.  We will regularly monitor initial problem(s), associated symptoms and growth to reach a position where we can mutually agree to end therapy.

How much does it cost?

Individual counselling and psychotherapy = £40 per session
Relationship counselling = £60-70 per session

How do I pay?

You can pay by cash or cheque each time or by internet banking.

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

Once we have an appointment agreed, I ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation in order to be able to offer the time to someone else. If you need to cancel at shorter notice, I will try to reallocate the appointment, but if that is not possible I will charge the appointment fee for the missed session.

What are the some of the Potential Benefits and Outcomes of Working with a TA Therapist?

Depending on a clients problems and  needs, we agree a therapeutic contract to help with your goal or ongoing goals.  Most clients are offered in therapy to work with the following to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

  • Creativity:   learning to recognise old familiar patterns such as ways of communicating and behaving that become problematic and learning to change them into new, unique and different patterns
  • Self-soothing:  learning to bring healthy comfort to painful feelings
  • Commitment:  learning to commit to self and other(s) and persevering to attain a goal
  • Spontaneity: learning to experience feelings deeply with liveliness, joy, vigour and excitement
  • Intimacy: leaning to express yourself fully in close relationships with minimal anxiety about abandonment or engulfment
  • Autonomy:  learning to "be yourself" to  regulate your feelings independently from other(s)

What is a Therapeutic Relationship?

A client and therapist work together to create a trusting environment to support the  exploration of what a client needs.  The client brings their perception of the problem and the therapist offers their perception of the problem(s) and skills that the client may need to develop.  The Therapeutic Relationship is developed between the client and therapist and comprises of three domains; bonds, goals and tasks.  These domains together help maximise the effectiveness of therapy for a client.

Are you able to provide other information about Counselling and Psychotherapy?

The following links will provide you with further useful information;